About Registration

Q1.What is "My Page"?
"My Page” is your personalized Congress registration page.
All registration is done from "My Page". To access registration information, click the "Register for participation from here"
Enter your personal information and create a "My Page" account. Once you have created an account, you will be able to enter registration.
Q2.Why is "My Page" registration screen only in English?
"My Page" can be created in either Japanese or English. In order to enter information in Japanese, you must click “Japanese” before inputting your information.
At the top right corner of the registration page (in the blue band), please click "Japanese" (the orange button). Note: If you create a "My Page" in English, all registration information will be in English.
Q3.Can I create "My Page" in Japanese while living outside of Japan?
No. Please select the English page.
Q4.How do I determine if my registration completed successfully?
Automatic replies will be sent to your registered email address after creating "My Page" or when participation registration is completed. Please check the information that you entered if you do not receive an email
Q5.Can I apply for only one pre-seminar on Tuesday, July 4th?
Participants can only register for one ore-seminar on July 4. Please select the pre-seminar that you would like to participate on the registration page. Please note that each pre-seminar has a set capacity. A separate registration fee is required for pre-seminar. This fee is separate from regular conference attendance. Please see: for registration information.
Q6.What is full-day participation?
Full-day participation allows attendees to participate in all programming excluding the cultural programs during the full congress period from July 5th (Wednesday) to 8th (Saturday).
Please see: for more information.
Q7.What is a one-day participation?
One-day registration allows attendees to register for individual dates. You can register for up to the two days during July 5th (Wednesday) to 8th (Saturday) using one-day registration. Please select the dates when registering. Those who wish to participate three or more days must apply for full day participation. Please see: for registration information.
Q8.Who can register as a student?
Full time students are eligible for the reduced rates at the time of registration.
Q9.I am a member of WFMT (World Music Therapy Federation). Can I register for member rate?
Individuals who are WFMT members in 2017 - 2020 are eligible for member rates.
Please see: for more details.
Q10.What do I do if I need to cancel?
Please enter the necessary information under "inquiries" on "My Page" or contact the event management office.
Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged.
Q11.What do I do if I'd like to change the registration details?
Please enter the necessary information under "inquiries" on "My Page" or contact the event management office.
Please note that the content can be changed only until the 31st of May.

About the Congress Program

Q1.Where do I get more information about the Congress schedule?
Schedule information can be found at PDF.
Note: The schedule is subject to change.
Q2.How do I apply for the cultural programs?
Pre-registration is required for all cultural programs. You can register at "My Page." For detailed program contents, please check.
Note: each program has a set capacity.
Q3.Is it possible to apply for a cultural experience program on the day?
We are sorry, but you cannot apply on the day of the program because we need to have preparation time.


Q1.Is lunch included in the registration fee?
Lunch is not included in the registration fee. Please use the venue restaurants, food trucks, or nearby supermarket, etc.