Chapter 2. Aim and Activities

Article 3.

The aim of this Association shall be to conduct interdisciplinary research into the role and function of music in relation to disease and health, so that music therapy may make a broad-based contribution to society by fostering and maintaining the health of people proactively in the fields of medicine, welfare, health and education.

Article 4.

To fulfil its aim as stated in Article 3, the Association shall pursue the following activities.

2.Hold research conferences, etc.

3.Publish its own journal.

4.Engage in international exchange related to music therapy.

5.Foster a nationwide certification system.

6.Certify its own music therapists.

7.Hold lectures etc. to educate and train music therapists.

8.Pursue other projects needed to achieve its aim.

Chapter 3. Members

Article 5.

The Association shall have 4 types of members: regular members, student members, subscriber members, and associate members.

2.Regular members shall be persons agreeing with the aim of the Association, studying music therapy, or practicing it.

3.Student members shall be students who agree with the aim of the
Association and study music therapy.

4.Subscriber members shall be persons belonging to various educational and
research organizations who subscribe to the Association journal and are
sent Association information and the like.

5.Associate members shall be individuals, juridical persons or groups
agreeing with the aim of the Association and supporting its activities.

Article 6.

Persons aspiring to become regular members shall obtain a letter of
recommendation from more than one regular member and file it with the
JMTA secretariat for approval by the Board of Directors.

Article 7.

Members shall pay a membership entry fee and annual membership fee
stipulated separately from this.

Article 8.

Regular members shall be qualified to submit research presentations at
Association conferences/meetings or articles to the Association journal.
They shall also have the right to stand for election, vote in Association
officer elections, and to voice their opinions and vote at the Association
General Assembly.

2.Student members shall be able to make joint presentations with regular

Article 9.

Members wishing to discontinue their membership in the Association
shall state their intention in writing to the secretariat in order to do so.

2.Failure to pay the Association membership fee for more than 2 years
without due reason shall be taken as a termination of membership.

Article 10.

Any member shall be expelled who seriously injures or defames the
name of the Association or acts so as to undermine its agenda. A motion carried by the ethics committee approved by the Board of Directors or Board Members shall terminate membership privileges.

Article 11.

Membership qualifications shall be lost by death, discontinuation or
termination of membership.

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