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The Japanese Music Therapy Association (JMTA) is a private organization established on April 1st, 2001. The JMTA was formed by the merger of the Japanese Federation for Music Therapy (established in 1995), and the Clinical Music Therapy Association (established in 1994). The aim of the JMTA is to conduct interdisciplinary research and practice to determine the role and function of music in relation to health, so as to make a broad-based contribution to society by proactively fostering and maintaining the health of people, in the fields of medicine, welfare, health, and education.

Presently, the membership of the JMTA comprises 4,500 professionals, in 9 branches nationwide. The Association has board-certified its members according to its own standards since 1996, with 2,557 JMTA members having become board-certified music therapists as of 2023.

The JMTA organization consists of a President (Hiroko FUJIMOTO), 2 Vice-Presidents (Takaaki INORA and Izumi FUTAMATA), 5 Board Executive Directors, 12 Board Directors, and 85 Board Members. There are 19 educational institutions throughout Japan that offer a music therapy degree program approved by the JMTA.

We consider the scope of music therapy as including the purposeful and systematic use of music by employing its physiological, psychological, and social functions, to improve, restore, and maintain physical/mental abilities, to modify behaviors, and to enhance quality of life.

JMTA activities include organizing its annual conference and regional conferences, providing continuing professional education, supporting various member activities, and publishing biannual journals.

Please refer to the Table of Contents of the JMTA Journal that are posted on the JMTA website.

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