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The Japanese Music Therapy Association (JMTA) is a private organization established on April 1, 2001. Its predecessor, the Japanese Federation for Music Therapy (established in 1995), was formed by the merging of the Japanese Bio-Music Association (established in 1986) and the Clinical Music Therapy Association (established in 1994). The original stated aim of the JMTA is to “conduct interdisciplinary research into the role and function of music in relation to disease and health, so that music therapy may make a broad-based contribution to society by fostering and maintaining the health of people proactively in the fields of medicine, welfare, health and education.”

The JMTA presently (2013) has approximately 6,000 members, with 9 branches nationwide. The Association has board-certified its members according to its own standards since 1996. As of 2013, there were 2,426 JMTA board-certified music therapists. The JMTA organization consists of a President (Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara), Vice-President (Dr. Yasuji Murai), 6 Board of Executive Directors, 12 Board of Directors, and 84 Board Members.

JMTA activities include its annual conference, certification study groups, various member activities and publication of the JMTA journal. Here is a listing of JMTA conference themes and invited lecturers to date.

1st JMTA Conference (2001): “Music Therapy Lift-off in a New Century”
Invited lecturers: Helen Bonny and Lisa Summer
2nd JMTA Conference (2002): “Breakdown of Japanese Culture and Music Therapy”
Invited lecturer: Hayao Kawai
3rd JMTA Conference (2003): “Music Therapy Needed by Society”
Invited lecturer: Juro Saito
4th JMTA Conference (2004): “The Significance and Role of ‘Music’ in Music Therapy”
Invited lecturers: Brynjulf Stige and Colin Lee
5th JMTA Conference (2005): “‘Life, Heart, Healing’ and Music Therapy”
Invited lecturer: Kunio Yanagida
6th JMTA Conference (2006): “Between Sense and Sensibility – Listening to the Context of Music Therapy”
Invited lecturers: Mercedes Pavlicevic and Nobuyo von Twickel Tada

We only post the Table of Contents of the JMTA Journal on our web site. Do take a look!

We look forward to the future growth of our JMTA, thanks to ongoing personal and information exchanges with you who click on our web site. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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